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2009-04-24 01:22:07 by TheBlackDahliaMurder

It's my 19th birthday.


2008-12-02 00:34:49 by TheBlackDahliaMurder

Buffalo Bills choke again...

Chris Hansen.

2008-03-10 21:42:55 by TheBlackDahliaMurder

He's better than you.

Chris Hansen.

New obsession

2007-12-27 21:00:42 by TheBlackDahliaMurder

For some reason, I find this woman to be so incredibly freakin hot. To me, she is flawless in every way. Perfect tits, ass, overall body. The face is so incredibly cute, and the red hair makes her perfect. Her name is Iga Wyrwal. eauty-iga.html t.php


New obsession

Cock. That is all.


2007-11-05 00:19:42 by TheBlackDahliaMurder

Banned for this since the 1st. 4884

Ramagi is a bitch. (Yes, feels great to say that without risk of banning, fuck you ramagi).

But it was completely worth it.

Banned until Tuesday.


2007-09-25 21:47:19 by TheBlackDahliaMurder

If you are here, drop a comment, and I'll give you bumsex.

K bai.